Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

Time:  6:00 PM
Where:  Church Annex
Teacher: Pastor Walter L. Peggs, Sr.

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1.        READ LEVITICUS 21:1-8: Why did God forbid the priest’s indulgence of such pagan practices as special haircuts, cuttings in the flesh, and other extreme signs of mourning?
2.       READ LEVITICUS 21:10-15: Why do these verses prohibit the High Priest to go near the dead bodies of his nearest kin?3.       READ LEVITICUS 21:16-24: Despite the inability of blemished priests to serve at the highest level of service in God’s worship, what duties could they do which did not involve going near the veil or the altar?
4.       RREAD LEVITICUS 22:1-9: What was to be the motivation for strict obedience of these commandments?
5.       READ LEVITICUS 22:10-16: Certain portions of specific sacrifices were the property of the priests to supply food and other necessities. What exceptions did God make and why?
6.       READ LEVITICUS 22:17-25: The emphasis in these verses is upon perfection. Why?
7.       READ LEVITICUS 22:26-33: What is the reason behind God’s refusal to permit the offering of a cow or a ewe and its young on the same day?

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