Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

Time:  6:00 PM
Where:  Church Annex
Teacher: Pastor Walter L. Peggs, Sr.

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  • 1. READ EXODUS 34:5-7: Why do you think God describes Himself to Moses this way?
  • 2. READ ROMANS 1:16-32; Rom 5:8-10: What do these passage teach about the wrath of God?
  • 3. READ 1 CORINTHIANS 15:10; EPHESIANS 2:5-8: I grace is defined as the unmerited favor, mercy, compassion, acceptance, kindness, graciousness, goodwill, and divine assistance of God. How does grace work in the life of the believer?
  • 4. READ ROMANS 5:8-11; 1 JOHN 4:9: What do these passages teach about God’s plan of salvation?